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the w hollywood lobby


Last month I attended the Shop Till you Pop LA event at the W Hotel in Hollywood. It was a lot of fun as they had a tent setup with all these different vendors (including rock heiress Sophie Simmons who you’ll recall I had the chance to interview- I’ll be posting that next week) and the W is one of my fav hotel chains.


shop till you pop la


One of my fav finds there were these hair charms. They are stick on jewels called Charmsies.




You basically flat iron them onto your hair.


deepa berar charmsies


It looks  super pretty afterwards. The only rec I would have is to watch for flat iron marks and I think it would be nice to have the stars in a row going straight down. They last a couple days depending on how careful you are with your hair.


deepa berar w hollywood


My fav product find was Beauty with a Twist by Oiver. It is all natural, organic hair care and cruelty free. I got a chance to try a sample- love it!


beauty with a twist


Ok I had to share a shot of this, only in LA will you find a separate entrance just for talent. I was half expecting someone like Justin Beiber to pop out, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. And no, I did not get to enter through here (although how cool would that be?!)


the w hollywood

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