A fun night at the Toni & Guy Irvine Hair Event

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Irivne Toni and Guy event Spectrum Center


Ok so I know I said that South Coast Plaza was my favorite mall in Southern California, but I found a strong contender..The Spectrum Center in Irvine. I went there for a hair event at the Toni & Guy Irvine salon and it is just beautiful there. It’s an outdoor mall (which we don’t have many of in Canada- for obvy reasons) and check out the ferris wheel in the middle of the mall! So cool.


Onto the event..


Irivne Toni and Guy event November 2014


They invited a bunch of bloggers to preview fall/winter hair trends. There were a bunch of really cool stations set up, my fav being-


Irivne Toni and Guy event


Lol, yes I might have had a glass or two ;)


No seriously though, my fav was getting to try the gold jewlery tattoos that I’ve been raving about.


Irivne Toni and Guy event jewelry tattoo application




Irivne Toni and Guy event gold jewelry tattoo


We got to talk to the hairstylists about what’s big in hair. It’s all about braids & waves. The braids can range from something simple like a messy fishtail to a more complicated multi-braided updo. For the waves the look is a bit bigger and not so structured.


Irivne Toni and Guy event hair trends 2015


I wanted to learn how to get that Hollywood casual glam wave (my obsession with casual glam never seems to end) and the hairstylist taught me a fun technique- to hold the curling iron horizontally and to grab a bigger section of hair when curling.


Irivne Toni and Guy event Deepa Berar 2


Loved the look! What do you guys think? I’ve already been practicing ;)


Irivne Toni and Guy event Deepa Berar


Ok so I had to take a pic of this guy’s hair. Looked so cool The hairstylist curled his entire mohawk and then teased it! It looked super cool. He was a good sport about me taking his pic :)


Irivne Toni and Guy event Mens hairstyle


All in all it was a fun night. If you have a Toni & Guy nearby you should definitely check them out, their artists are really well educated and they have some really great products worth that are totally worth trying.


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