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I first came across Farah Dhukai about a year ago and was immediately blown away by her. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is extremely down to earth (can you tell I love people like that??) and posts really great YouTube videos. I have been wanting to feature her as part of my inspirational women feature on my blog for a while now and we finally made it happen!! Make sure you subscribe to her youtube channel and to mine of course! ;)


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in the beautiful City of Toronto, but my parents and their parents etc etc were born and raised in East Africa. If you go all the way back then my family originates from India. A lot of people get confused when I say my family is from Africa so when people normally ask me what my background is, I say East African Indian lol


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How did you end up creating a YouTube beauty channel and how did it grow to over half a million subscribers?

There are a couple reasons why I first started…which I talk about in my “Draw my Life” video, however, first and foremost, I was just in a rut.. no motivation, no ambition, I had suffered a deep loss and I felt like I was going no where in life and one day I was browsing the internet and came across some beauty tutorials on youtube and thought to myself that I could do this too (this was my alter-ego confident girl in me because believe me, I was SUPER shy) SO I grabbed my camera and just started filming things that I knew, that I thought I could share with people. I’m so glad I decided to start filming because it not only helped me get out of my shell and not be as shy, but it also helped fill a void within me. I can’t even believe I’m at over half a million viewers! I never thought that people would want to watch me as much as they do! I’m so thankful that they do! Honestly though, I wouldn’t have been able to grow without the help of my husband, Sal and the support of my family always encouraging me to just be myself. And of course, all of my viewers that have become a part of my family!


What are your 3 can’t leave home without beauty products?

I CAN’T live without something moisturizing for my lips, whether its a moisturizing lipstick, lip balm, tinted lip balm, or lip gloss.. I always need something that’s hydrating on my lips otherwise it drives me insane! Even though I make beauty videos, I’m such a tomboy lol I don’t even have a make up bag in my purse (believe it or not) soooo If I had to choose two other things, it would definitely be perfume (that’s beauty related right?) and powder.


farah dhukai


What is you absolute fav Indian outfit to wear?

Definitely Anarkali! Don’t get me wrong, lenghas and saris are SOOO beautiful but nothing compares to the comfort of an Anarkali!


You have another channel with your hubby and I love the two of you together, you’re too cute! How did you two meet?

Thank you so much! My husband and I met through a mutual friend many years ago and although that friend isn’t in our lives anymore, Ill always be grateful to them for bringing me the love of my life!


farah dhukai and husband


You have done an amazing job creating a career out of your dreams, congratulations on all your success! Do you have any advice for other girls when it comes to living their dream?

Thank you so much I really appreciate it! The best piece of advice I can ever offer anyone is to be themselves. In today’s world, I feel like we’re always losing ourselves to be able to fit in etc etc. so Be yourself. Be passionate about what you’re doing and give it your 100%. Dreams don’t work unless you do, so put in that work, give it all of you and you’ll be living your dream in no time.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being a mom, enjoying life with my husband and of course, growing as a person and growing my channel. I’d also love to have my skincare line, that my husband and I are working on, available at Sephora. That would be a dream come true! But for now, we’re available online at


You can follow Farahdhukai on her youtube channel here.

  • Rosalinda
    January 4, 2017

    Hi Farrah, love your beauty. Next, I am in desperate need of a home remedy for my hair that is falling. Every single day a get a bunch of hair on my brush. I already seen my doctor. She calls it stress or hereditary. Anyway, I asked my beautiful sister law for her secret and she just won’t give it too me. That meany! Can you please please tell me what is good for my hair and sun spots. I am 40 years old. Thanks a bunch.

    • Deepa Berar
      August 19, 2017

      Hi, this isn’t Farah’s blog. My name is Deepa and I went through something similar recently called Alopecia. Is that what you have? I have tons of videos on what to do at

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