How to Dye your Hair Ombre

Monday, August 18, 2014 2 1

A lot of you have been asking about where I get my hair color done and what I ask for, well, I’ll let you in on a little secret- I do it myself.


deepa berar red hair ombre


I’ve been dyeing my own hair since I was 17 and would put henna in my hair. Over the years I would go to stylists for the more complicated highlights, but recently I started doing my own ombre color after watching other artists and learning from my own hair stylist Anna Barseghian who works at Brennen DeMelo studio in Toronto. Anna is a celeb hairstylist and amazing at what she does!!


Anyways back to how I do it, I was in need of a touch up and wanted to go back to my red so I picked up a couple of boxes of L’oreal’s HiColor Highlights in Magenta and decided to record a video for you on how to dye your hair ombre.




Keep in mind this particular hair color is developed for dark hair, and you don’t have to dye your hair red to learn from this video- I’m mostly showing you the technique (balayage) I used.





If you have any friends who have been wanting to go ombre, please share this video with them! Or if you decide to try it yourself, send me pics on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.


  • kari Cabaniss
    February 15, 2017

    I did your tutorial and I am about to try and deposit more red into the color. You said you use the deep conditioner and the color jam in candy apple red i only found wild red so im going to try it but the bottle says to use gloves did you use gloves? did you do it before or after you shampooed your hair and was it applied to wet or dryed hair?

    • Deepa Berar
      August 19, 2017

      I don’t use gloves in the shower and I apply it after my hair is shampooed and still wet.

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