Best Makeup at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Monday, June 4, 2012 0 0

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards were on last night, and while it’s never as exciting as the music awards, having Russell Brand as a host is always a good thing. Even when he’s not at his funniest, his facial expressions still crack me up and I love his self deprecating humor. It’s never good to take yourself too seriously, right?

Anyways, there were some pretty awesome dresses last night, and that peplum thing is really having a moment. My hat goes off to Elizabeth Banks for pulling off that lace number, she looked hot!

Here are some of the best makeup looks from last night:

Christina Ricci, by far my fave. I love the angle of the eyeshadow, really exaggerated out to a point, it totally suits her eyeshape!

Emma Stone. The contrast of the bright pink lipstick paired with the pale pink in the dress was cool. She even talked about how they base her makeup off her outfits usually.

Lucy Hale. Her pink lips matched her dress and because the shade complimented her skintone, it worked beautifully.

Julianne Hough. Always one of my favs, I love how they really take advantage of her bright eyes and find a way to make them pop without drowning her in too much makeup. Hint: It’s all about the inner corner eye highlight ;)

Kristen Stewart. The smokiness of her eyeshadow combined with the disheveled hair all worked so well together on her.

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