Your Guide to Easy Holiday Hair!

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Guess what…the Holidays are right around the corner!!! There is probably no one more excited about the holidays than me. Ok maybe a few people, but seriously, isn’t this the best time of year?! Everyone is in a good mood, all the houses and store are all decorated and not to mention all the parties! Seriously. Best time of year. Ever.


Now I understand that with all the parties comes that pressure to look your best, but don’t fret my pet, I’m here to help! I’ve put together a helpful guide to easy holiday hair. Like really easy. See there are these hair kits, and all you do is follow the directions on the box, and literally your hair looks like you paid a gazillion bucks to get it done. I know.


Onto the hair kits! Ok first up is probably the chicest, it’s the Goody Simple Styles Vintage Twist kit. Think super fancy office party. Works best if your hair is curled before hand, gives a gorgeous texture to the look and makes the style very easy to recreate. Seriously. All you do is gather your hair into a ponytail, roll the hair towards your head and pin in place.




Alright, the next one you might be familiar with. I used the Goody Simple Styles Fancy Fishtail kit in my Diwali Get Ready with Me video! Takes a minute to master this style, but I promise you, once you’ve got it down it’s sooo easy to do. Plus looks super cute with the gold beads.




Ok talk about the easiest kit to use. The Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll kit is literally a hair band with an elastic attached to it. 1 simple piece and makes your hair look like it took hours to do when it literally takes like 1 minute tops. Don’t believe me? Watch my appearance on CHCH Morning Live to see just how easy it really is ;)




I am obsessed with this look. I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate this for ages, ever since Blake Lively stepped out onto the red carpet rockin this look at the Met Ball back in 2013. Such a cool style and sooo different from the regular beachy waves look. The Goody Simple Styles Bubble Pony kit contains a piece that has an elastic at one end with 3 mesh hair stuffers that help you create the 3 distinct bubbles. Genius.




This kit is for my girl that wants to nail down that effortless chic look. The Goody Simple Styles Downtown Bun kit is perfect for that messy bun look, plus it contains a pretty clip in flower if you want that extra touch. So pretty.




Which one is your fav look out of all of them? It’s so hard to decide!! Tag me in your holiday hair pics, I’d love to see what you guys came up with :)


How to Grow your Youtube Channel with Corey Weiss from IPSY

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So recently I had the chance to sit down with the head of Business Development at IPSY, Corey Weiss and pick his brain on how to grow your Youtube channel.


Corey has worked in digital media for so many of the really big media companies, so he knows a thing or 2 about marketing and has helped the IPSY brand grow to where it is today.


If you don’t know about IPSY, it is the company co-founded by Michelle Phan, who is one of the very first beauty guru’s on Youtube and probably the most successful by far. She started this brand with a glam bag subscription program where beauty junkies can receive new product samples to try out every month. Love.




Also love IPSY open studios, a community created for beauty guru’s with events, mentorship, a facebook forum with tons of helpful tips and support, plus the chance to utilize their studios & equipment in Santa Monica. Amazing.


Anyways, here’s the video! It’s jam packed with a ton of really great insight :)



Fall Makeup 2016 & Double Winged Eyeliner

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Master palette by mario on Indian skin


New look is up for you guys! This is my Fall makeup 2016 look, I used the amazing Master palette by Mario to achieve this look anddd, did a little double winged liner for y’all!


Dunno about you but for some reason lately seems like I’ve gotten bit by the makeup bug and I just want to create fun, colorful, glittery looks like all the time! I know I’m known for more natural makeup, and I def won’t stray from that, but I kinda want to have some fun.


That’s where this double winged liner action came into play. Love, love, love for a little pop of extra something and it’s sooo easy to recreate.


Double winged eyeliner master palette by mario


First off you gotta start with this bad boy right here, the Master palette by Mario. IN LOVE. This is like the perfect fall makeup palette. Not to mention the creator, none other than Mario Dedivanovic is unbelievably talented, pretty much a makeup God so you know it was gonna be good.




Anyhow, here’s the vid. Let me know if you have any requests for the upcoming holiday season!



For the products I used, read on:

Master Palette by Mario shadows:
Muse, Isabel, Violeta, NYC, Hollywood & 5th Ave

NYX Super Skinny Marker

Make Up Fore Ever Aqua Seal

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

Ardell Glamour Lashes

MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

NARS Translucent Crystal Loose Powder

Too Faced blush in Your love is King

Mac Stripdown Lipliner

MAC Del Rio lipstick

Glittery Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

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glittery indian bridal makeup


Hey guys! So I know it’s been a while since I posted in here, truth of the matter is that I’ve been focusing most of my time on my Youtube channel and on my Instagram, but I know you guys want to see an update so I thought I’d share one of my fav videos I did recently!


It’s a glittery Indian bridal makeup look. I dunno about you, but I LOVE glitter. Makes everything look super pretty and totally makes your eyes pop. The glitter I used for this look is from Make Up For Ever, it’s their Diamond powder which is one of my favs. Each particle is pretty tiny, so when you put it on it doesn’t feel like this outdated, chunky 80’s glitter.


mufe-diamond-powder bronze


I used the MUFE Aqua seal to adhere it to the skin. It’s a clear liquid that you can mix with anything to make it waterproof. Genius. Basically I put a drop in my hand, mixed in some glitter, and applied to the eyes. Pretty simple stuff.




Anyways, here’s the vid for you guys. Let me know if you want to see more like this!


Goody Contest!

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goody contest


Recently I teamed up with Goody to throw a giveaway worth over $200!! I announced it on my Instagram & Facebook (if you’re not already following me over there- go! There will be many more contests in the near future).


So anyways the contest closed last night and I have the winner! Stephanie Cusick you’ve won:

-$75 Giftcard to Cineplex
-Clean Radiance Line
-Assorted Simple Styles Kits
-Assorted Elastics/Accessories


Watch your inbox, I’ll message you soon. Thanks to everyone else for entering!! Watch out for more contests very soon ;)

5 Easy Hair Hacks!

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5 easy hair hacks


You guys have been asking for it, so I am going to deliver!! More hair tutorials will be up on the channel for you, starting off with this one right here, my 5 easy hair hacks.


I’ve put together 5 tips/styles for you guys to be able to extend your shampoo for a whole week. Yes you heard me right, a whole entire week! My easiest and fav tip out of all of them involves this amazing brush right here:


goody clean radiance copper bristle brush


It’s the Goody Clean radiance cushion brush. Makes your hair super soft and shiny. Sounds like a win-win to me! Wait till you see what I did with it ;)


Anyhow, here’s the video and the rest of the tips! Let me know if you guys have any requests!



My Birthday Vlog: Adventures in Niagara!

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Deepa Berar Birthday vlog


In case you missed my big secret video, I talk all about my thoughts on turning the big 4-0. Yup, you read it right. Before you get all “woahhh 40??”, let me just say I couldn’t be more excited. Aging is a privilege denied to many as the saying goes and it’s the way I choose to approach each birthday.


birthday cake


Anyways, the girls and I all headed down to Niagara for the weekend. It’s less than an hour away from where I live in Burlington, and I absolutely love going down there. It feels like you went away even though you’re basically in your own backyard.


We started off the festivities checking into a hotel across the street from the Fallsview casino which is super close to the actual falls. We then headed out on a wine tour of a few vineyards in Niagara on the Lake which is like the cutest little community ever. I mean the walking street is always bombarded with tourists from all over the world. It’s def a place to visit if you guys ever get the chance.


niagara wine tour


We then headed back to the hotel to freshen up and then off to dinner- Mexican of course! So yummy :)


birthday dinner


After that was the Casino for some drinks and people watching. There was a cute little dance floor and they had a cover band doing all sorts of really fun songs that everyone knows. I had a blast.


The next morning we went to my fav diner- Famous Cafe. I had a breakfast burrito of course. Then off to see the Falls, because no Niagara trip is complete without a glimpse.


That’s it! Here’s the vlog for you all to watch:



What’s your fav bday destination?

How to Deal with Haters

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how to deal with haters

New video up for you guys! This one talks all about how to deal with haters. Hate can exist anywhere, I know a lot of us that put ourselves online will probably face it more than others, we all know how people love to hide behind their computers and attack *sigh. That doesn’t mean other people in different industries don’t face it. Hate exists everywhere and I find it’s due in part to people being just so unhappy with their own lives.


So  I put together a couple of my top tips to help you deal with hate. I know some of you might not agree with my approach, but hey, I just try to live my life in line with that awesome saying:


lion sheep quote


Spread positivity and love! Anyways, here’s the video! I’d love to know your thoughts, or if you have any tips as well! Let me know in the comments ;)


My Big Secret..Shhh!

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Deepa Berar secret


Ahh I’m so back logged on blog posts it’s crazy! Life has been crazy lately period. Been working A LOT and with it being summer in Canada, well you know what that means..barbecues, family visits from out of town and endless weekend parties. Trust me I am not complaining :)


Also, I’ve decided to bump my youtubing up a notch so that’s been taking up a lot of time. Anyways, enough with the excuses, I have my latest video for you! This one is in honour of a recent milestone I hit.



How have you guys been btw? Any special weekend plans?

How to be Confident | Deep Beauty

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how to be confident

New Deep Beauty video is up! This one breaks down some tools you can utilize on how to be confident.


Before I share the vid I want to address something with you guys. I know I’ve been MIA from the blog. But. I promise you it’s for a good reason. For one thing I’ve had a crazy busy June with work. Literally working pretty much every day from 4am till 7pm. Crazy I know.


I have another week or so to go, but once that passes I’ll be back at it. I promise you I’m not abandoning the blog, I love it way too much to quit! The other reason is, well, I’ve decided to put a little more effort into the YouTube channel. I’ve been working with someone very special, you might have heard me mention her before- Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential.


She is the coolest chick ever. So sweet and down to earth and total mogul in the making. Anyways she’s been like a mentor to me and we decided that for me to get my Deep Beauty message out and help as many women as possible, I should focus on the YouTube for a bit.


Just wanted to be honest with you guys as you have all been nothing short of supportive of me. Plus it’s good to take a break every now and then, helps you recharge and come back with better ideas and a ton more energy!


Ok now that that’s out of the way, I have your 2nd Deep Beauty video! This one is all about how to grow your self confidence. Let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover!