My Life- San Diego Fun + Losing My ID at the Beach!

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Week 15 Pacific Beach San Diego


What an eventful week guys!! Feel like I should’ve vlogged the whole thing because so much happened. Btw if you guys ever want to see the My Life post as a vlog instead, let me know in the comments ;)


So let’s take this back to the beginning of the week. I had a surprise visit by an old friend, Amrita. Her and I went to high school together but lost touch. However, she did grow up in the same city and was friends with Sonalee. They kept in touch so when I found out she was coming to town for a conference, I knew we had to catch up!


Week 15 Lunch with an Old Friend


We headed to lunch at Puesto in Seaport which is right by the conference centre (you know the place where Comic Con happens). She was only in town for a couple days so I had to get her out to the beach as well so we hit up Pacific Beach too.


Week 15 White Sangria at Waterbar in Pacific Beach


We ended up at this new place called Waterbar which is so, so nice. A little more upscale for PB and the view is amazing because the one wall is just open and facing the ocean. This was our view.


Week 15 View from Waterbar in Pacific Beach


It was so good catching up with her and getting some good quality girl time in. I don’t know too many people in San Diego so I love it when people visit!


Ok so have any of you tried cauliflower crust pizza yet? Derek and I have been trying to be a lot healthier lately and upping our veggie intake so when we saw this at Trader Joe’s it was a no brainer. Guys let me tell you, if I only had to have pizza this way I would not be sad. It was so, so good for the fact that it was guilt free pizza. Let me know if you end up trying it!


Week 15 Cauliflower Crust Pizza


We headed out to our fav burger joint in San Diego, Balboa Bar & Grille. They only cook burgers medium. The first time I was there I was a little apprehensive, but now I won’t eat them any other way if I can help it. Strange because one of the waiters back home was telling me that you can’t specify how you want your burgers cooked in Canada. Oh, and here’s a pic of my jalapeño margarita. Yummy.


Week 15 Jalapeno Margarita at Balboa Bar and Grill SD


Had to check out the new Better Buzz coffee in Hillcrest. Such a nice place to take your laptop and get work done. Their acai bowls are pretty good, still prefer the one at Westbean in Bankers Hill.


Week 15 Acai Bowl at Hillcrest Better Buzz Coffee


Met up with a fellow Skinny Confidential mentee, Rachel aka Cold Brew Chick! Lauryn started mentoring her after the end of my mentorship and we’ve formed a little mentee club/friendship! She’s such a sweet girl, go check out her Instagram!!


Week 15 Coffee with the Cold Brew Chick


Ok so Derek has the sweetest neighbour ever in life. I saw her that morning when I left and when I got back this is what was left outside our door. You never know how much a thoughtful gesture like this can impact a person. Such a class act!


Week 15 Acts of Kindness


Saved the best for last aka the hubs :)


Sunday we were trying to figure out what to do, and decided to head over for drinks & appys in Little Italy, but when I went to grab my ID, I couldn’t find it!! Seriously started freaking out esp given that I’m not anywhere close to home. Derek calmed me down and got me to retrace my week and then I realized I left it at Waterbar that day with Amrita. So we called them, sure enough they had it so we headed there instead and ended up staying for drinks.


Week 15 Beach day with Derek


All in all it was a crazy, busy, fun week! Have you guys nearly lost your ID? I’m sure there are some more entertaining stories than mine out there, haha ;)


Common AIP Diet Myths

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Common Myths About the AIP Diet


Hey hey guys, I’ve got a new video for my AIP followers! We are talking some of the most common myths about the AIP diet.


I get a TON of questions from you guys about the diet so I figured I’d answer them all in one spot aka this video! I go over some common misperceptions about the auto immune protocol and share my experience following the diet.


Here’s the video! Let me know if you have any requests for videos in the comments below ;)



Making the Right Decisions When it Comes to Your Career

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Making the Right Decisions when it Comes to Your Career


Making the right decisions when it comes to your career can come quiet easy for some people, for others not so much. It takes a lot of clarity and fearlessness to be able to listen to and follow your intuition. I’ve defnitely had moments like that in my life, in fact the first half of my life was basically that in a nut shell and it took a lot of time to get to that point where I could listen to my gut.

That’s why when I met Rebecca Pilozo I was so taken with her!


Rebecca Pilozo on the Deep Beauty Podcast


She embodied that fearless attitude and confidence I had worked so hard for and she was only 18! Since our days at Sephora she’s taken her passion for beauty and just ran with it, creating a life and a career of her dreams, and throughout all of the inevitable twists, turns and opportunities has relied on her intuition to lead her down the right path.


Rebecca Pilozo Deep Beauty Podcast


If you’re going through something similar, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode. Check out Rebecca’s blog and follow her on Instagram!



My Life- The 1st LaVelle Party + Oscars Fun!

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Week 14 The first LaVelle party and Oscars fun


We’re back in Cali baby! This week was pretty quiet until the weekend which was so much fun. Not only was it my fav time of year aka the Oscars, but Derek and I threw our very first dinner party ever! Who knew adulting could be so much fun haha.


Let’s take this back to ealier this week. Derek and I headed out for dinner at Barrio Star in Bankers Hill. We’ve been trying to be more veggie conscious so we ordered lettuce wrap tacos. So, so good and the decor in this place is super pretty!


Week 14 Dinner at Barrio Star


So you guys know my brother and sister in law used to live in Cali, but other than that I don’t have much family here except for my cousin Shailly and her family which I’m so grateful for. Shailly grew up in Ludhiana, India and because we used to visit India a lot when I was growing up I got to know her and her sister Kitty pretty well. So whenever I visit San Diego, we always make sure to see each other. Usually Derek and I head up to her house which is beautiful and in a gated community up in the mountain but it was time to have them over so it kicked our butt into this home improvement frenzy.


Week 14 Dresser Before


We had been searching and searching for a dresser to hold all my makeup for EVER. We just couldn’t find anything that was perfect for the space plus the right feel. We were heading home from another unsuccessful search at Ikea when we magically found this dresser by the garbage outside. Talk about divine intervention. Not only was it the perfect size, but it was also in great condition.


Week 14 Dresser After


So we brought it home, sanded it and primed and painted it and turned it into this!! I am loving furniture makeovers. So much fun, and ever since Jackie showed me how easy it could be by using spray paint, it’s just taken the whole intimidation factor out of it.


Week 14 Dresser knob before


We even redid the knobs. With only spray paint!! How crazy is that?


Week 14 Dresser knob after


So Shailly and fam came over for dinner on Saturday night. Derek was so excited to get to cook for them. He made cuban food which was so delicious. He’s so good to my family, I’m so lucky :)

Can you believe it was my first time trying cuban food? I know I’m Canadian and we love to travel to Cuba and all, but I have never ever been.


Week 14 First LaVelle party


This takes us to Oscars Sunday. My cousin Monique and I started a new tradition last year, a WhatsApp Oscars drinking game. Genius right? :P

We had so much fun last year just the two of us that we decided to do it again this year with more girls. We just grabbed some rules online- like anytime Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Matt Damon you’d have to drink. Needless to say we were pretty happy by the end of the night, haha.


Week 14 Oscars Drinking Game Whatsapp Party


So ya this was definitely a fun week. Any time I’m in San Diego with Derek is a fun week!

Question- Did you make any Oscars predictions and if so did you get them right? What was your fav pic from this year?


How to Cover Very Dark Circles

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How to Cover Very Dark Circles


Back with another Makeup 101 video!! This is the one I promised you guys from last week- this is how to cover very dark circles. I used my cousin Reena as my model for this video as, well, I do have dark undereyes but they’re not super dark. I still wanted to help those of you out there who do suffer from very dark circles.


I share the products I love to use, the tools and the foolproof technique you need to use to cover those suckers while not looking like you have a pound of makeup on your face. Hope this helps!!



My Life- Decluttering My Life + Back to San Diego!

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Week 13 Travelling to San-Diego


Hello from sunny San Diego!! I’m back visiting with the hubs for a few weeks! Always so great being together. Plus I’ve got Genbeauty LA coming up in March. Is anyone else going? If you see me, say hi!

So last week was pretty hectic. Doing the long distance thing definitely requires a TON of organization. Luckily I love being organized so that helps. Still there’s a lot that goes into planning your life. I might just do a video with tips to help you guys that are in LDR’s. Let me know if you’d want to see that.


Week 13 Declutter Challenge


So we wrapped the Declutter Challenge in the Deep Beauty Facebook group! I think this was our most successful challenge so far! The ladies were really into it and we got a lot of clutter tossed. My room definitely looks a gazillion times better!


Week 13 Jackie's Daughter Evelyn Harper


I also got to see one of my really good friends Jackie and her baby Evie. I hadn’t seen them since her baby shower a couple months ago! Evie is so freakin adorable and such a good baby.  Jackie is such a good mom. She makes it look so easy!!

We got to record a blindfolded makeup challenge, so excited to share that with you guys. It’s hilarious and so much harder than I thought!


Week 13 Chef LaVelle Eggs Benedict


So I got into San Diego on Friday. It was sunny and gorgeous as usual but a little chilly. Not complaining though, I absolutely Southern California and any time I get to spend with Derek is amazing.


Week 13 Derek and I out for Indian Food


I took him to have dosa. He loves Indian food but has never tried dosa before. He loved it :)


Week 13 Tiramisu at Cucina Urbana


We headed out to one of our fav Italian restaurants in SD on Saturday night, Cucina Urbana. I just love the vibe there and the food is amazing.


Week 13 Charcuterie and Walking Dead


Yesterday was the return of Walking Dead!! So fun. Hubs did up a delicious charcuterie board, we had some rose and watched the show. Do you guys watch? It’s really good but I just want them to find a cure already. I guess the show would be over then. Oh one thing I’d love to do is go to a live recording of Talking Dead. That would be so much fun!!

That was my week! What show are you guys crazy about?

How to Cover Dark Circles

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How to Cover Dark Circles


New video up for ya guys! I break down how to cover dark circles, let you guys know what my absolute favorite concealers are, how to apply them and how to make it last all day.


I’ll be posting another video like this in a few days, but that one will be on how to cover very dark circles.


Here’s the vid!


How to Choose the Right Concealer

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How to Choose the Right Concealer


New Makeup 101 video is up! February’s focus is all about concealers. I’ve had a ton of you ask me questions on how to choose the right concealer so I figured that would be a great place to start with this series.


I break down the different types of concealers available, what to look for that will suit your particular needs and linked a bunch of my personal favs in the description of the video. I’ll be posting videos on how to cover dark circles as well so watch out for that!


Here it is! Let me know if you guys have any requests for videos ;)


My Life- Berar Family Parties + Valentine’s!

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Week 12 Berar Family Parties and Valentines


Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians! Hope you guys are all enjoying this time with your families. I was at work this morning and evening, the news never sleeps.


What a week! Life definitely knocked me on my butt. I ended up catching a stomach bug and spent half the week recuperating in time for one of our infamous Berar family parties! It was for my cousin Kelly’s daughter Leeya and was so much fun.


Week 12 Alopecia Regrowth


Before we get to the party let’s start with the beginning of the week. I posted a mini alopecia regrowth update on my Insta stories. I was just sharing the different stages of regrowth and what to except. For me it has all grown back in at different stages, some patches are 6-7 inches long, some are 3-4 and some are still filling in. Just wanted to give you guys an idea on what to expect.


Week 12 Valentines Makeup


It was also Valentines this week, I did a little tutorial (the look above) which is up on the channel now. While I didn’t get any quality time with Derek this week (other than FaceTime) I did get some good quality mommy/daughter time!


Week 12 Mommy and Daughter time


The rest of this post will be pics from Leeya’s party. The party started at noon and went well into the evening. Here are the ladies singing and dancing. Too cute.


Week 12 Boliyan


Here are my cousins and I. Juhi is on the left and Mona is on the right :)


Week 12 Berar Family Parties


Tania and I played a few rounds of Jenga. Can you believe I’ve never played?! It was so fun! I lost, but it was still just a really fun game. I’d love to play one of those giant Jenga games you see at bars.


Week 12 Jenga


The dessert table. The cupcakes were so good. If you’re looking for a good cupcake shop in Mississauga, check out Swirls on Queen St.


Week 12 Dessert table for Leeya


Saved the best for last! My cousin Kelly and her unbelievably adorable daughter Leeya. I was telling Kelly how Leeya reminds me of Snow White. The cutest baby. Next to Kai and Rai of course. I think they’re all tied for first place ;)


Week 12 Kelly and Leeya


That was the week! What did you guys get up to for Family Day?


The Best Valentine’s Gift for Makeup Lovers

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The best valentine's gift for makeup lovers


Ahh Valentine’s entire day dedicated to love, romance and husbands freaking out over what to buy for their wives :P


I absolutely love Valentine’s, like I was saying on Instagram, I get that you should treat your signifcant other like gold everyday, but there’s nothing wrong with a day dedicated to romance. Anyways, those are just my two cents, I’m a sucker for love and being a newlywed isn’t helping lol. Onto the best valentine’s gift for makeup lovers!


Lori Greiner Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer


Ok so if you guys are like me, you know what you want when it comes to makeup. You know which brands work for you, which shades suit you best and what you’re comfortable with wearing. Makes it hard for anyone to purchase the right makeup for ya. Well not to worry, I have the solution for you!


Makeup Organizer


A cosmetic organizer obviously!! I mean, what else is more perfect? We’re doing the declutter challenge this month in the Deep Beauty Facebook group, and one thing it’s got us doing is organizing!


Lipstick Organizer


I LOVE this Lori Greiner deluxe cosmetic organizer for that. It has compartments for pretty much any shaped makeup, not to mention how many lipsticks you can fit into this thing. The perfect gift.


Cosmetic Organizer


Plus it’s cute, closes to look like a mini jewelry armoire so you won’t see clutter (visual clutter ends up as clutter in our brain) and has a mirror built into the lid. Did I mention that it’s the perfect gift for makeup lovers?


Cosmetic Armoire


You can pick this up at Bed, Bath & Beyond. So ladies, copy & paste this blog post and send it over to your hubby. You can thank me later ;)


Makeup Armoire


What would your perfect Valentine’s gift be?


This post was sponsored by Bed, Bath & Beyond, as usual all opinions are always my own.