Summer Lip Trends 2017

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Summer lip trends 2017


Hello peeps! Currently chillin at the San Diego airport, waiting to board my flight to…Vegas baby!! It’s been a hot minute since my last girls trip, dunno why but I’m sure glad we got our sh!t together and made it happen again. Seriously, girls trips are so necessary. I mean your man isn’t going to want to dissect the Bachelorette to death (although did I mention I got Derek to watch this season with me??) or the latest summer lip trends.


Which is what this post is all about!


Summer lip trends 2017 Lancome Matte Shakers


There’s no denying how far lip art has come. Some of the lip videos on Instagram are seriously on another level! Which is why I was so excited when Lancome sent over the latest in their lip shaker series, the Matte collection.


Summer lip trends 2017 Lancome Lip Art Matte Shakers


They come in 7 different shades and you can create the coolest looks with them! One of my fav looks is to take 2 different colours that are close to each other and wear one on the top lip and the other on the bottom. So fun.


Summer lip trends 2017 Lancome


That and the ombre lip trend is really cool too. You take one color, apply it as you would lip liner, and then apply a different color to the center of your lips. Layer, blend, and voila!


Ok, time to board, promise I’m going to record a little vlog for you guys ;)

Would love to know when was your last trip and where did you go?


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Join me at my Makeup Masterclass with INGLOT!

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Deepa Berar INGLOT Makeup Masterclass


Exciting news for you guys..I’m doing a Makeup Masterclass with INGLOT!! Can not wait to meet you all and share some tips & tricks with you guys.


The event is taking place at the INGLOT at Yonge & Dundas Square (eek!) on July 16th at 9:30am. Guys it’s going to be such a fun day! There are going to be:


Refreshments- light breakfast and drinks
Full lesson on how to do a -Glittery Cut Crease-
Option to follow along with products from INGLOT
Meet n’ Greet
20% off all products
Goodie Bags!!!


Here is the link to sign up-> Makeup Masterclass

Can’t wait to see you all!!

Fav INGLOT products

Derek’s San Diego Birthday Adventure

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Dereks San Diego birthday adventure


Good Monday everyone! From what I understand most of my fellow Canadians have the day off today, yay. Derek was supposed to have a half day but took it off so we could spend a 4 day weekend together! Tomorrow is Independence day and I’m so excited to see just how festive everyone will be around here. We just finished recording a “My husband does my makeup” video so I figured this would be the perfect time to share his San Diego birthday adventure we went on last month!


Dereks bday OB


I don’t know about you guys, but when my friends and I were younger we would basically kidnap the birthday girl (not criminally or anything haha) and treat them to a day filled with their favourite things. So, when it came time for Derek’s birthday, I knew I wanted to do the same thing.


Dereks bday Starbucks


He picked me up from the airport, we got home, changed quickly and then the adventure began. The first stop I took him to was Starbucks. I wanted to treat him to the Lemon Raspberry loaf they have just in the summers but apparently that’s a Canadian thing. The barista felt so bad about it he gave us the Raspberry Loaf and the Lemon Loaf so we tried to recreate it for Derek lol. Not the same thing at all.


Dereks bday South beach bar and grille


Our next stop was lunch at South Beach Bar & Grille in Ocean Beach. They have this gorgeous view of the ocean when you’re sitting at the bar. Like instead of staring at a wall of bottles and TV’s, you’re staring at the ocean. Stunning. Plus they have these lobster tacos Derek goes nuts over.


Dereks bday Sunshine Company Saloon


Dereks bday Ocean Beach


After that we headed out to another bar in OB, the Sunshine Company Saloon which is where we went on one of our first dates. We even sat at the same table (yes I am cheese ball when it comes to all that sentimental stuff). I was wearing the Ciaté liquid velvet lipstick in Pin Up.


Dereks bday friends


After that we were onto his favourite brewery, Ballast Point. I had his best friend Mike and his family meet up with us. Derek had no idea, he was totally shocked! It’s fun surprising him :)


Dereks bday Ballast point


Ballast Point does beer flights so you get to try a few different beers rather than sticking with a full pint of one. Before Derek I had no idea there were places that did stuff like that, but the craft beer scene is crazy in San Diego. Derek’s favs are the Grapefruit sculpin, Orange creamsicle fathom and the Ginger big eye. I’m personally not into beer at all, but a few places have started doing that with wine, so can’t wait to try that!


Dereks bday Cheesecake Factory


After catching up with Derek’s friends we swung by The Cheesecake factory (actually my fav place). We grabbed a slice of the Reese’s Peanut butter chocolate cake cheesecake to go.


Dereks bday Ralph's


My plan was to create an epic Charcuterie board, Derek’s fav thing. We went to Ralph’s which if you guys haven’t hit up the cheese section at Ralph’s, you’re seriously missing out. They have these $5 bins where they put the smaller pieces of cheese that would have been tossed and you get to try out so many different cheeses. Perfect if you are just 2 people.


Dereks bday charcuterie board


We grabbed about 5 different styles of cheese, some Salami, Proscuitto, wine, gluten free crackers of course and headed home.

Such a fun day! What’s your fav thing to do on your birthday?

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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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Deepa Berar MAC Proud to be Canadian


So somebody has a really, really special birthday this year..yup, Canada is turning 150 years old!! Or as some would say, 150 years young haha.

Ya, ya I know, seems like every chance I get I’m running off to our neighbours in the south, doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be Canadian, because trust me I am.


Canada 150 MAC Proud to be Canadian


I was born here and raised here, lived here my whole life. Red and white is in my blood, literally. There are way more than 150 things I could list off right now about why I’m proud to be Canadian but if you’re from the Great White North then you can probably do the same.


MAC Proud to be Canadian


From the amazing health care system to the politeness of our people and our ability to live among mutliple cultures symbiotically, there is no greater land that exists in this world.


MAC Proud to be Canadian lipstick


Only thing missing are palm trees and a temperate climate haha. But hey, I couldn’t imagine having grown up anywhere else. Who else feels me!?! Btw who else is feeling MAC’s special release lipstick Proud to be Canadian? The perfect red.


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mac proud to be canadian red lipstick

GenBeauty Vlog Toronto 2017

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Deepa Berar GenBeauty Vlog Toronto 2017


Did anyone else get a chance to make it out to GenBeauty in Toronto last weekend? It was seriously so much fun and a whole weekend event. I know you guys have been asking for more vlogs from me, so I am trying my best! Still getting used to the idea of filming myself in public, but I figured an event like GenBeauty would be the perfect place to get used to vlogging as we were surrounded by other creators doing the exact same thing!


GenBeauty Toronto 2017 Creator Day


We started off the weekend at Creator Day which took place at the Corus Media building by the waterfront in Toronto. Such a cool spot! The walkway by the water is so picturesque and the building is huge and has this giant slide right in the middle.


Deepa Berar AlbInWonderland


I got to meet a bunch of creators that I’ve connected with on Instagram and some I’ve seen at other events. There was a donut wall (yes people were eating the donuts), brand demo’s and panels to learn from. The highlight was definitely listening to Michelle Phan speak!


After all the fun filled day was the cocktail party. This year it took place on the rooftop of the Thompson hotel. You might remember the Thomspon from the episode of the Kardashians I was on. I love that spot!


GenBeauty Toronto 2017 Urban Decay Naked Heat


The party was so much fun and the goodie bag was RIDICULOUS! So many fun things to try out for you guys. Oh! I almost forgot to mention one of the best gifts we received from the weekend was the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette! Literally was waiting under our chairs after we returned from lunch. Guys, it’s seriously sooo beautiful. I will def do a tutorial for you.


GenBeauty Toronto 2017


The next day was GenBeauty at the Metro Convention Centre downtown. So. Many. Brands. It was like a dream. We got to meet the PR reps for each brand and preview some of the new products coming out. Guys! You are gonna die when you see the new Benefit concealers. You can use it over your concealer and it makes everything look flawless. I’ll share more, promise!


Deepa Berar MAC GenBeauty Toronto 2017


Fav booth of the event? MAC of course! It was so exciting to see MAC at GenBeauty. You all know I worked with them for 6 years, and trust me leaving was not an easy decision. But everyone has to move on at some point. Anyways, it was just good to see them embracing the whole social media world. I even saw my friend Tamara and my ex assistant manager Michael Ho who is incidentally a trainer now!


So onto the vlog, oh trying my best to step up my editing game so please let me know what you think!



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Kai’s 1st Birthday!

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Kais birthday Kai Berar and parents


Hello everyone! How are y’all doing? Can you believe it’s been an entire year since I posted about our trip to San Diego when Kai was born? Time flies wayyy too fast sometimes. If you follow me on snap you would’ve seen the behind the scenes of the party we threw for his 1st birthday at Sagan banquet hall in Mississauga. Talk about a fun night. My brother & sister in-law went with a Hawaiian theme for the party since they are obsessed with Hawaii. Who can blame them! I’m just looking forward to having a crash pad in Maui one day haha ;)


Kais birthday Entrance table


Onto the party! The lobby was decorated with Kai’s monthly birthday pics. Will never get over how adorable he is. We had so much fun getting ready for the party. I did my mom and Dipti’s makeup and we all got our hair done by Fefe in Milton. It had been so long since we had good quality girl time with Dipti so it was really nice to catch up :)


Kais birthday Leis


Derek and I greeted the guests as they came in. So fun to see everyone and catch up! The kids were all given lei’s to wear to go with the theme. So fun.


Kais birthday Deepa and Derek


The hubs and I. Yes I’m one of those cheesy folks that likes to be somewhat matching so I made sure he wore a grey shirt lol. He’s such a good sport! I wore MAC Girl About Town lipstick, the Modern Renaissance palette on my eyes and NYX Wicked lashes in Exposed. Have you guys tried NYX lashes? They’ve got a great range of styles and so inexpensive!! I got Fefe to put a bunch of extensions in my hair as it’s been a minute since I had a full head of hair. It felt really nice.


Kais birthday Decorations Sagan Mississauga


The tables were decorated with Hawaiian flowers and green napkins to tie in the theme. Don’t you just love a themed party? So festive & fun!


Kais birthday Grandparents


My parents in front of the backdrop. Dan & Dipti wanted everyone to take fun pics so they had all these props and we put up this backdrop.


Kais birthday Kai Berar


The man of the hour!! Love that he wore an Indian outfit. He looked like a little prince! Fun fact- Dan & Dipti’s wedding had a purple & gold theme, cute little tie in.


Kais birthday Hawaiian Dancers


The Hawaiian dancers. They really got the party going! All the kids gathered around to watch and then participated. The dancers did a great job of including the kids and getting them to do fun dances. Dan and Kai had a little solo bit at the end. Kai was such a good sport! My brother is not a little guy, he’s actually 6’4″ and Kai was not scared at all being up so high on his shoulders.


Kais birthday Family


The fam! All in all it was such a fun night. We didn’t do a lot of dancing as most of us hadn’t seen each other in a while so it was a lot of talking (& drinking of course!) but we all had such a great time. Family parties are the best!


Kais birthday Dhillon Sisters


Here are my cousins Seema, Sweety, her daughter Jasleen and Preethi. Love Jasleen’s pose in this pic ;)


Kais birthday Alisha Sood


My mom and my cousin Alisha Sood. Alisha was one of the finalists on Masterchef Canada! She is such an amazing cook and did a great job on the show. We are all so proud of her. If you haven’t watched her season, you have to! She handled herself so well :)

Until the next one..


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All About the AIP Diet

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All about the AIP Diet


Hope you guys are all doing well! What’s everyone’s summer plans? I am so excited because my bestie will be here tomorrow night! I get 8 glorious weeks of girl chat, makeovers, wine nights and shopping, can not wait! Ok, ok, onto the post. So you guys have asked me a TON of questions about the AIP diet which is what I follow for Alopecia. I would say I was 95% strict AIP for about 2 months and then not so strict and now on a modified version and about 90% strict at this point.


Hey if you didn’t grow up eating the healthiest it takes time to get used to eating this way, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s tough to stick to. No one is perfect, but as long as you keep trying I promise you it gets easier and easier.


So what is AIP exactly?

It’s the Auto Immune Paleo Diet. The rules are as follows:


AIP Diet Rules


I know it seems really restrictive, but I promise you there is a lot that you can eat and it doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a lot of protein and veggies, some fruit and you just have to get a little creative in the kitchen. Which is what we did. Derek being a personal chef and all, he was totally my lifeline throughout it. He taught me how to add a ton of flavour without compromising the rules. If you want I will share some of our recipes with you guys.


I know you’ve asked for What I Eat in a Day videos, and we will be working on some for you all very soon. So anyways, I had to find hacks and things that helped me get through it and decided to put my top tips on surviving the AIP diet into a video for you guys, and here it is:



Let me know if you have any questions about AIP!


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Our Wedding Part 2!

Thursday, June 8, 2017 2 5

Deepa Berar Wedding Deepa and Derek LaVelle


Hellooo people! How’s everyone’s summer going so far? I know technically it’s not summer yet, but don’t tell the weather that because it is beautiful outside! So as I promised in our first wedding post, I have part 2 of our wedding for you all! We had the ceremony on April 13th, but the reception won’t be until later in July. Kai’s party was the day after the wedding and we didn’t want to take away from it so we decided to do the big party later in the summer. But. We did do a small lunch reception after the ceremony and here are the pics!


Deepa Berar Wedding Jewelry


Who else is obsessed with hand jewelry? I can’t get enough! This piece is from India, I just love how big and blinged out is and how it totally goes with the henna design. I found a similar one for you guys here.


Check out my handsome hubby!! I’m so lucky :) Not only is he tall and handsome and all that fun stuff, but he is one of the kindest, most considerate, fun people I’ve ever met. Oh and I was obsessed with the boutonniere we picked out for him, I opted for a maroon calla lily instead of a rose cause it just looks so chic!


Deepa Berar Wedding Chef Derek LaVelle


This definitely wasn’t your traditional wedding at all. We opted to have lunch at Tandoori Flame restaurant in Mississauga instead of traditional langar. If you guys are in the Toronto area, you have to check them out. It’s a buffet style restaurant and the food is so, so good and they have so much selection! Plus the decor is gorgeous, we booked one of the rooms just for our friends & family.


Deepa Berar Wedding Toast


We did a little toast with everyone which was nice. Here’s my cousin Juhi raising a glass :)


Deepa Berar Wedding Juhi Atwal Toast


We all ate till we were stuffed! The great thing about indian food is there is so much selection that is gluten and dairy free, there’s no shortage of things to eat. Plus there’s so much flavour in everything.


Deepa Berar Wedding Tandoori Flame Mississauga


If you’ve been to an Indian wedding, you’ll know that at some point the bride and groom take pics with each family there. Ours was no exception. I’d love to post every pic for you guys, but this blog post would never end haha. So here’s one of Derek and I and my family. Doesn’t Kai look adorable as usual??


Deepa Berar Wedding Berar Family


The paparazzi were out! Kidding, it’s my aunt ;)


Deepa Berar Wedding Pimmi Chachi


Everyone kept trying to steal Kai, Monique was probably the most successful at keeping him occupied. Doesn’t he look so cute in his outfit?! I wanna eat those cheeks!!


Deepa Berar Wedding Monique Berar and Kai


Loved this pic that the photographer got. Everyone was such a good sport! We had such a great time that day, can not wait for the reception!! Hope you guys enjoyed this post ;)


Deepa Berar Wedding Family


Talking Wedding Beauty on CHCH Morning Live!

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bridal beauty trends with Deepa Berar on chch morning live


We are continuing the wedding beauty trend discussion with my latest appearance on CHCH Morning Live!  Guys, these TV appearances are so fun to do. Lots of work, lots of coordinating and lots of planning, but so much fun. My CH fam are always so fun to work with and host Annette Hamm helps keep these segments so fun and fast moving!


Goody Fountain Flip Make Up For Ever Ultra HD


We did a hair demo and a makeup demo this time and talked about the hottest wedding beauty trends for 2017. You guys are going to LOVE the hair demo, we used the Fountain Flip kit from Goody and it is literally so, so easy to use and makes your hair look all fancy and stuff ;)

For the makeup we talked Make Up For Ever skin boosters and Ultra HD products which are so good especially for weddings. Loving the HD Foundation sticks, we did a little contour demo with those and talked about how to help your makeup artist make your skin look its best for the big day.


Goody Hair and Make Up For Ever on CHCH Morning Live


If you guys follow me on snap (@deepaberar) you would’ve seen a little behind the scenes from the day. So fun.

To watch the video, click here.

Wedding Hair Tutorial: Bride or Bridesdmaid

Monday, June 5, 2017 0 0

Goody Amp it Up Hair Kit

Guys! I have a really, really fun video for you all today! Not only is it a super easy to recreate wedding hair tutorial, but it features one of my best friends, Jaclyn Colville.


Jaclyn Colville Puppy


You might remember Jackie from our Bella Trois days. She’s honestly such a sweetheart, one of the nicest people I have ever met. We had a total blast recording this as we were doing a little photoshoot at her place before hand. Ok a major photoshoot to freshen up our blogs, so watch out for that soon! The pics are amazing. My fav part was shooting her and her dog Petie. He is beyond adorable. I want (are you paying attention Derek?!).


Goody Amp it Up Brush


Back to the wedding hair! Goody just released a new brush collection, Amp It Up, which is perfect for your full, voluminous hairstyles. Whenever you style your hair in any sort of updo or whatever look you are creating that requires volume, it’s always a good idea to blow dry it first with a round brush. Even if it’s already dry, it just adds a polished look to the hair and a little extra lift.


Goody Brush and Comb Set


Guys you know how much of a fan I am of the Goody Simple Styles hair kits, they are the easiest things to use in the world, my fav has to be the Spin Pins kit. Two pin you corkscrew into your hair and it holds your bun in place. Genius.


Goody Spin Pins


Here’s the video!



Have you guys tried any of their kits? What are your favs?