Going Back to Basics with our Makeup in the New Year

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Back to basics Makeup


So you guy all know that I’ve been a professional makeup artist for 12 years now and have been doing makeup tutorials on youtube for about half that time. I’ve had a blast creating intricate looks and combining different colors and glitters and all that fun stuff. But, I had an interesting conversation with some of my cousins a little while back. My cousin Mona said she loves to see all the looks that I come up with, but it doesn’t feel like something she could realistically recreate.


That hadn’t even occurred to me to be honest with you guys. She suggested I do some looks that use just 1 or 2 shadows, something simple she can do at home. My cousin Monique chimed in and said that sounds like a good idea but probably not very exciting for me to do. Which is true, but when I think about how all I really want to do is to help people feel beautiful on the inside and out, I thought maybe I should consider Mona’s suggestion.


That combined with the fact that I’ve had a bunch of requests for simpler topics over the past while gave me an idea (shout out to Violet!). Starting in the new year I am going to do a series of Back to Basics makeup videos. It’ll be like attending a Makeup 101 class and I am super excited to help you guys!! I’ve already been collecting video ideas, if you guys have any requests as to what you would like to see/learn, please let me know in the comments.


Looking forward to helping you guys out even more!!

Colorful Holiday 2017 Makeup Tutorial

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Colorful holiday makeup tutorial 2017 deepa berar


It’s day 13 of our #25DaysofChristmas which means 2 things- I am at the airport right now waiting to board my flight to San Diego to spend Christmas with the hubby and 2- I have a colourful holiday 2017 makeup tutorial for you guys!


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette


If you guys follow me on Insta stories you would’ve seen that I received the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette. Guys, it is so, so pretty. Great intense colors, nice shimmer and color payoff as well as good transition shades, highlight and a black shadow too. Everything you need all in one palette. I love it when companies get things right!!



Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette

NYX Glitter Primer

NYX Glitter in Bronze

LashPop lashes in Red Rari


MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palette in Medium

Make Up For Ever Pro Scuplting Palette

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

MAC Blush in Pink Swoon

MAC Lip Pencil in Magenta

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks in At a Drop of the Matte and Matte-Jestic


Here’s the vid-


Dating in the South Asian Community with Priyanka Oza

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Priyanka Oza on the Deep Beauty Podcast


New podcast episode is up for you guys! I swear I haven’t laughed so much on the podcast. If you guys haven’t heard of Priyanka Oza, you have been missing out!


She is the founder of chitchatandchai.com, a candid lifestyle blog for South Asian millennials and I swear the Indian version of Tiffany Hadish. She has no qualms about being completely open with her followers and shares the struggles she’s been through when it comes to dating in the south asian community. Something a lot of us have experience with, but it’s her refusal to accept restrictions placed on who she should date and her stance on the whole topic that you guys will want to hear.


I love this girl!! You guys have to check out her site and follow her on Instagram @chitchatandchai. So excited to see the places this girl will go in her career. Don’t forget to Subscribe on iTunes ;)


My Life- Physicians Formula Event & Jackie’s Baby Shower

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Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Deepa Berar


Back with another recap post for you guys/a little behind the scenes peak into my life! As long as you guys want to read these, I will keep posting them ;) Last week was a pretty fun, busy one! It started off with a trip to Toronto for a PR event with Physicians Formula. They threw at it Planta restaurant in Yorkville which is just so, so nice.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta


The decor is just beautiful with copper and black and green leaves everywhere. If you watch my Insta stories, you’ll remember the jewelry armoire Derek and I redid in black & copper. I was trying to think about what to do with the pillows and totally had the same green leaf pattern in my mind! So crazy to walk in and see it decorated like that there!


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Restaurant


Onto the products! I already love their butter bronzer so I was looking forward to seeing their new collection. There are a few things that I am super excited to use. Mainly the Rosé all day serum, the eyebrow gel and the butter highlight. It is so, so pretty and has a nice purple iridescence to it. You guys are gonna love it ;)


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Rose Serum


I didn’t realize it, but they actually have a pretty extensive foundation range in terms of colors! It’s always nice to see when companies cater to a broad skin tone range.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Foundation


Ok onto the food at Planta. One word- delicious. My fav thing they served was a chia seed pudding smoothie bowl. I am definitely going to be recreating this. The base was chia seed pudding, with a bit of smoothie on top as well as fruit and the most amazing Muesli mix. Yumm.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Smoothie Bowl


More of the decor! Don’t you just love the swan?! Derek and I actually have one of those pineapples. I won it at one of those Vanity Fair events I attended in LA a couple years ago.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Decor


I posted a Christmas green makeup look on Instagram last week using the new Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette as well as a “How to say no to people” video with tips on turning down holiday invitations politely.


Week 3 Deepa Berar Makeup


So you guys remember how my friend Jaclyn Colville had her baby girl right? Well she had her baby shower this past weekend! It was at her mom’s place and you can see where she gets her decor sense from, it seems to be a strong gene in the Colville family!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Dessert Table


I didn’t mean to at all but my makeup and outfit went really well with the rose gold theme haha!


Week 3 Deepa Berar


I mean, that tree!!!! It is like every woman’s Christmas tree dreams come true!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Rose Gold Christmas Tree


They had so much yummy food, including a skor/cream cheese ball Jackie made. Unreal. I should’ve gotten a pic of it!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Rose Gold Decor


The Bella’s back together!! I always forget to look at the actual camera when I’m taking phone pics lol. Anyways, it was such a treat to see my girls :)


Week 3 Jackie's Shower BellaTrois


Little Baby Evie! There are no words to describe how adorable this little girl is. And she’s so good too! She went from person to person, no fussing. Swear she looks like a little doll :)


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Baby Evie


After the shower my mom and I ended up getting an invite to an impromptu holiday dinner party that my cousin Sandeep and his wife Linda were throwing. Remember the 3 Easy Holiday hair hacks video I posted last week? Well I used one of the tips- threw a hair band into my hair, changed my top and you can’t even tell it’s the same day haha ;)


Week 3 Holiday Fun


Hangin with the ladies. The company was great, the food was amazing and the wine was flowing. Their daughter Pia who was studying even ended up chillin with us for the evening! Last minute get togethers are always the best :)


Week 3 Impromptu Holiday Party


What did you guys get up to this week? Has anyone tried Physician’s Formula? What’s your fav product?

How to Say No to People & Not Feel Guilty

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How to say no to people and not feel guilty


We are kickin’ off day 9 of #25DaysofChristmas with a Deep Beauty video for you guys! This one is all about learning how to say no to people and not feel guilty. This time of year is full of invitations and obligations to attend this or that holiday party and sometimes you just need a minute to yourself. There is no reason to feel guilty about this, we only have so much to give and everyone has the right to recharge without having to feel bad about it.

Peach quote

There are 8 tips in this video to help you guys out ;) If you have any requests, let me know in the comments. Oh and please like and subscribe! :)



How to Take Care of Dry Winter Hands

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How to take care of dry winter hands


I don’t know about you but every winter my body gets sooo dry, like I need to crawl into a tub filled with moisturizer dry, especially my hands. I already have eczema, so the cold, dry Canadian winter air really doesn’t help things at all. I’ll be in the mild southern California air next week, but until then I’ll have to manage this situation. If you guys go through the same thing, I wanted to share my top tip on how to take care of dry winter hands.


Fresh Hand Moisturizers


So my top tip on taking care of dry winter hands is…keep hand moisturizer EVERYWHERE. I’m not kidding guys, this has been a total game changer for me. Sounds so simple right?  I used to moisturize at home and then head out and by the first hand wash my hands would be super dry and then of course I would be out and not able to reapply. I started to keep mini hand moisturizers everywhere. On my bed side table, in the kitchen, in my purse, in my workout bag and it has kept my hands so soft. If you guys are hand washing freaks like me you need to hop onto this tip.


take care of dry hands


Fresh Honeysuckle Hand Cream

Fresh Citron De Vigne Hand Cream

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Heel Genius


What is your biggest tip to keeping you hands soft all winter?


3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

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It’s Day 6 of our #25DaysofChristmas beauty!! I have 3 easy holiday hairstyles for you guys. To follow along head to my Instagram ;) I know hair can be a little intimidating, which is why I wanted to give you guys super easy hairstyles you can recreate for your holiday parties.


Let me know if you guys have any requests for videos! Please Like and Subscribe! :)




Building a Career on Your Passion with Brown Girl Magazine Co-Creator Trisha Sakhuja Walia

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Trish Sakhuja Walia on the Deep Beauty Podcast


Got a great Deep Beauty podcast here for you guys. If you haven’t heard of Brown Girl Magazine, you guys need to check it out asap. It is the quintessential guide for all brown girls and isn’t afraid to cover the taboo topics we all need to be talking about! I had the opportunity to connect with co-founder Trisha Sakhuja-Walia and quickly realized that she is living a life based on design.


Building a career on your passion with Trisha Sakhuja Walia


Growing up she was like many of us in the South Asian community, with dreams of having a career from the big 3 (doctor, engineer, lawyer) but whether through choice or divine intervention, she ended up building a career based on her passions. To provide an invaluable resource for the South Asian community.


Her story is a great one and this interview is full of valuable tips for those of you thinking about going against the grain and building a career based on your dreams. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for Brown Girl Mag, keep it up girls!! Don’t forget to Subscribe on iTunes, and follow Trisha on Instagram @tsakhuja_walia ;)


2nd Weekly Recap- Holiday Spirit and Family Fun!

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Week 2 Recap Holiday Party Deepa Berar and Leeya


Back with your 2nd weekly recap for you guys! I was surprised by how many of you that read the first one, it was really touching. As long as you guys want to read them, I will keep posting them:)


This week was a pretty busy one, more so towards the weekend. The week itself was pretty much the same as usual, makeup and blogging and youtubing. I posted 2 videos on youtube this week, a Holiday makeup tutorial and a Holiday beauty hacks vid. I’m trying to stick to a twice weekly video schedule, hopefully I can manage to keep it up during the holidays! This week I’ll be posting a Holiday hair hacks video and a Deep Beauty one ;)


Week 2 Recap Holiday Makeup Tutorial


Friday was the holiday tree lighting ceremony in downtown Burlington. My mom and I have wanted to go to this for several years now but she’s either out of town, or I am and the one year we were both home for it there was a huge snow storm that day. So we were determined to make it to this one and the weather was perfect! Not too cold and no snow. The tree was gigantic, it’s right in front of the city hall if you want to check it out.


Week 2 Recap Christmas Tree Burlington City Hall


There were so many people that attended, after the tree lighting they were all going for the walk around the downtown core which ended at Spencer Smith Park. I love downtown Burlington, it’s so pretty and the park is amazing, and it was even better with all of the decorations and lights everywhere.


Week 2 Recap Downtown Burlington Ontario Tree Lighting


My mom with her candle. It was cute to see everyone with their families, it was really special.


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Ma


The local businesses even got into the holiday spirit! Coffee Culture was giving out free hot chocolate and The Works was giving out turkey burgers. I had been meaning to try their food for a long time and let me say it was the best turkey burger I’ve ever had!


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Works Burgers


So I was busy taking pics for the blog when all of a sudden I hear “Deepa Massi!”. My cousin Deep and her daughters just happened to be there! It was so nice seeing a friendly face and the kids are so cute they always make you smile. We got to catch up for a bit before they headed down to the lakefront.


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Kiddies


Ok so I’m totally not vegan (although I think about it sometimes) but my absolute fav vegan spot is Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. Well it’s more of a bakery and they make the most delicious vegan, gluten free desserts. Plus I am in LOVE with their branding. On point. Isn’t their shop the cutest?!


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Kelly's Bake Shoppe


Me in my winter gear. Trying to enjoy this winter as much as possible, there’s no such thing as winter in San Diego. Plus I’d rather have a positive outlook about the weather as, well, there’s nothing you can do about it so might as well find a way to enjoy it. Hence the cute hat, scarf, coat & boots lol :)


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Deepa Berar


We ordered the brownie and split it. So yummy. If you ever have the chance to check it out, try the red velvet cupcake. It’s delicious.


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Kelly's Bake Shoppe Brownies


Next we headed over to my cousin Reena’s house. Her and her sister Preeti were holding an open house. It was a great setup! Reena was selling her jewelry and Preeti was selling her bath bombs and soaps she makes. I picked up a pair of earrings and a necklace Reena made. She’s so talented!!


Week 2 Recap Reena's Open House


They have a parrot named Oscar. Oscar is the cutest. I was trying to get him to say “How you doin” like Joey from Friends. I swear he was staring at me so intently, trying to pick up on how to say it. They are really smart animals!


Oh and in case anyone is wondering the lipstick I’m wearing is the Birthday Suit liquid lip from Tarte and MAC Whirl lip liner.


Week 2 Recap Me and Oscar


Shoppers Drug Mart sent over the cutest advent calendar! I can’t remember the last time I had one. This one has mini nail polishes from Quo by Orly. Check out my Insta stories to see the daily nail polish :)


Week 2 Recap Quo by Orly Advent Calendar


Saturday my cousin Daman and his wife Charan had a few of us cousins over for a fun holiday get together. I haven’t been home for the holidays for the past few years so it was really nice to be able to attend one get together before I head to San Diego next week. Loved the holiday food spread. There was veggies, fruit, a charcuterie board, empanadas and endless drinks of course ;) If anyone knows the name of those round orange things, let me know. We couldn’t figure it out for the life of us. It had tons of tiny little seeds in it and had a sweet/sour taste to it.


Week 2 Recap Holiday Party Food


Ok so this next pic has to be my absolute fav of the week- a 5 people family group hug!! It started off with me and Nayan (my cousin Kelly’s son, you can see her daughter Leeya at the top of this post) and then slowly people joined in until we were 5. So cute :)


Week 2 Recap Family Group Hug


The fam :) always so much fun with these guys!


Week 2 Recap Holiday Party The Fam


How was your guys weeks? Did you have any holiday parties?


5 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks

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5 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks


We are on Day 2 of our #25daysofchristmas beauty! I’ve got 5 easy holiday beauty hacks for you guys. I was trying to think of super easy things you could all do at home while taking the winter weather into consideration, I think you guys are going to like this list ;)


Here’s the video! I have links for all the products in the description.